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Discover subtle and sabotaging habits that rob you of FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT in life and your relationship.

What is the Man Alive experience?

It’s a laser focused experience for the high – achieving men to gain clarity confidence and courage to live a greater legacy.

More About Bob & Man Alive Clarity, Confidence & Courage

My name is Bob and I now live an amazing life. My life is authentic and fully alive in all areas, especially with those who matter the very most in my life. I have courage in my decision making and confidence in my relationships and clarity about my purpose in life. I’m proud of the legacy I am leaving.

I use my lessons to help high-achieving men identify and end, habits and patterns, that keep you feeling unfulfilled in life. I’ll help you gain greater courage in your decision making, have greater confidence in your relationships and have total clarity about your purpose in life. I’ll help you become a Man fully Alive and leave a greater legacy.

Whether you’re:

  • Disengaged… you’re just showing up.
  •  Passionless… your fire is gone.
  •  Frustrated… and you’re just going through the motions
  •  Lonely… you’re not close to anyone.
  •  Empty… the “things” that you thought would fulfill you have left you without real
  • Guilty… you’re carrying the weight of regret

Great news! You are in the right place!

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Free Instant Download Don't let subtle and sabotaging habits that rob you of FREEDOM

Who do you talk to? Seriously, who do you talk to?

There’s a good chance you don’t have any meaningful conversations about
your struggles, or the areas of life that aren’t going well. You might know 1000’s of people and yet not have anyone you talk with. Worse yet, you may not have anyone who really knows you.

Trust me your whole life changes when you get this one right.

What do you talk about? When is the last time you talked about what's really going on in anything in your life?

We might talk about business with someone. However, we typically
don’t talk about the areas that matter most. So, we don’t talk about
anything that really affects the trajectory of our lives.

The truth is, it’s the areas we’re not talking about that are costing

What are you keeping inside? OR, what is really going on inside?

What are you trying to manage? Stress? Fear? Stinking thinking? Addictive thinking? Depression?

Size does matter. The size of your battles and how well you are winning matters.

You’re this close to becoming the man you feel living within.