Man Alive

helping powerful men

overcome secret struggles & fears…

& live a happier & more fulfilled life!

clarify what matters most…

courageously design that life…

& confidently live it.

Every man wants to be RESPECTED & ADMIRED (loved) in his world –  professionally and personally.

It takes courage to admit you’re struggling…

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My name is Bob and now I live an amazing life. My life is authentic and fully alive. I now have clarity about living my best life, courage in my decision making and confidence in my most significant relationships as well. I am proud of the legacy I am now building. With Man Alive, I use my hard learned life-lessons to help you identify and end, habits and patterns that keep you from living a fulfilled life. I help you: identify sabotaging habits & patterns in life… rise above your fears and struggles… gain greater clarity into what matters most to you… get the courage to make the right decisions… have greater confidence in your relationships. IE – I’ll help you become a Man fully Alive. A Man Alive is the MOST RESPECTED MAN in Your World. Whether you’re:
Anxious… Fearful… Frustrated… Lonely… Empty… Guilty…

Great news! I’ve been there and I can help you!

Man Alive is specifically for successful men who are struggling secretly.

Any man can find answers and insights to greater fulfillment by attending Man Alive because Man Alive provides the clarity into exactly what’s missing, or broken, and gives you insights into what to do about it.

The successful, and yet, unfulfilled man is a man who has found success in an area of life (typically professional) and yet is unfulfilled or frustrated in other areas of life (typically personal or relational).

If that’s you, it wouldn’t surprise me if you’re fighting a private battle that broods within, or that you feel like you’re the only one feeling this way.

What happens when that’s the case?

The battle within simply perpetuates and you can become increasingly isolated and more convinced that this is the way it’s going to be. Sadly, I’ve met too many men who are living this type of life within and it’s something that can definitely be changed and improved.

Life is far too short to just exist or not figure it out – once and for all.

Man Alive is a place where the ground is level.

Whether you’re the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, the Founder of an amazing company or simply a man who has worked hard to get to where you are, we are all the same.

Man Alive is affinity based in that every man who attends has found success and is also there to figure something out about their life.

If you consider yourself to be successful and yet can also identify an area of unfulfillment,- you’ll find a brotherhood at Man Alive.

Man Alive is becoming a tribe, a brotherhood that is more than a weekend together.

tough mudderYou’re exactly one decision away from changing the rest of your life. You’re one step from no longer doing this alone and having a band of brothers with you. It’s literally JUST one weekend of your life that can change and elevate everything.

I’ve been there.

I was surrounded by 1000’s and I was isolated within and it wasn’t good. This is exactly why I wrote Man Alive and it’s also why I know Man Alive works.

Let’s get real for a moment.

If I’m speaking to you and your life, what’s the cost of NOT doing something about it? What’s the cost of doing nothing? (Chances are good you’ve either tried doing something about it already, possibly on your own, OR worse, you’ve done nothing about it for far too long.)

For example: If you’re married and it’s not working out, what’s divorce going to cost you? (NOTE – several years ago, my wife and I were given a 1% chance of saving our marriage. Now, after 32 years, it’s the very best it’s ever been.)

Identify any area you’d like to improve and take serious inventory in it.

Pick any area that’s not where you want it to be: your marriage, or significant other, your relationship with your kids or family, your health (I know no one intends on being fat), your wealth…any area that matters most to you and be honest with where you are and where you’d REALLY like it to be.

Seriously, no one gets married to have anything less than an awesome marriage with your best friend.

No one become a father to become an irrelevant man in their life.

No man intends on being fat an out of shape or having high blood pressure and ungodly stress in life and no man intends on living a less than great life.

But, it happens too often!

And I am going to help any man who is ready to change it via Man Alive.

Again, what’s indecision costing you? What’s it going to cost you later if you do nothing about it, or if you continue to wait?

It just makes no sense to be wealthy in one area of bankrupt in others.

The most generic, yet typical, question we get asked all the time is, “how’s it going?” and we answer with a generic “not too bad”. Right?

What if you could comprehensively look at your life and find the exact score of both – where you are and where you’d like to be. Then what would if you could put a specific action plan in place to achieve your desired life? What would that be worth?

That’s what you will do at Man Alive.

You’ll have the plan and path to a healthy marriage and home, a healthier you and a greater life. I remember how exciting it was for me to realize that I could do something for my future that was greater than my present reality and even greater than my past realities.

You see, I was there.Bob Me Shawn Walking Beach Professional

On the outside, I was at the height of my game and on the inside I was a seriously struggling man – a train wreck waiting to happen. And the train wreck  happened.

I wasn’t smart enough, or courageous enough or whatever it took to do something about it before the train wreck. Other than my marriage, I had to rebuild my entire life and thankfully I was able to do so.

It was in the rebuilding that I became a better me and in every area of life, every hat I wear, I am a better person that I’ve ever been.

Man Alive was born out of all of my life lessons and my desire (calling?) to help men elevate their life higher than ever.

NOTE – it took months to write Man Alive and before I offered to anyone, I asked two respected businessmen to walk through it with me, as my clients, so I could solve any pieces that weren’t incredibly valuable and also so I could get them in the exact order they belong for maximum effectiveness. Man Alive is not something put together in a moment or something that doesn’t have the tried-and-true stamp on it.

When it comes down to it, I’ll share any story, any lesson, any insight that I have when it’s needed at Man Alive.

Have you (Bob) done what you are offering?

The answer is a resounding yes.

I’ve shared how and why Man Alive came into reality. It’s from my journey. Man Alive was written (I hired someone and paid them a lot of money to help me find the lessons and messages from my journey) out of my personal experiences. That’s why I can honestly say it’s 100% tried and true. It’s not text book material. It’s real.

Have you (Bob) helped others with what you’re offering?

Again, absolutely yes.

Before Man Alive was a thing, I’ve helped 100’s or 1000’s of men over the last 3ish years in some capacity. Specific to Man Alive, I’ve walked about 30 men through the material and have seen that it’s a repeatable process that can help any man who’s ready to help himself. But, you don’t have to take my word on this. If you’ve not watched this video you should.

Bob, can you help me do this?

I am 100% confident that I can. Why?

Because it works and because it’s only going to keep getting better as it goes with more and more value being added to it. (Plus, I offer a 150% no question asked money back guarantee! I assume all the risk on it.)

Here’s what I need you to do now…

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Bob Groves – Man Alive

110% unconditional money back guarantee.

I believe in the Man Alive Experience so much that I am willing to take all the risk.

You will walk away with a group of great friends, a very detailed plan for your greater life, clarity of purpose, courage for your future and confidence in having a greater future. You will remember Man Alive!

However, if you show up and afterwards, you don’t feel the retreat was what it should have been, I will give you a 110% refund.

There’s a reason Man Alive works…it’s because it’s a proven experience instead of something from a book. Again, there’s no strings attached, no forms to fill out, no hoops to jump through. It’s my personal guarantee. You’ll be glad you came or I’ll make it right.

That’s my personal guarantee!

You really have nothing to lose.