If not now – when?

One of our greatest (BAD) habits is putting things off until. Whether we put “it” off until a better time, a better place, a better mood…whatever your go to is, we put things off too easily.

Admit it, change is hard. It’s not easy to make changes. Plus, as negative as it might be, regardless of the area we need to change in, we find a certain comfort in the known versus what might happen in the unknown area of change.

Science says that we are more likely to hold onto negative behavior because we know the results from it than we are to make a needed change where we might not know what will happen. Crazy, right? Right.

So what happens is that we can perpetuate negative behavior for much longer than we should. It seems a bit counterintuitive to even say “much longer than we should.” But, I guess we have to have a habit long enough to know it’s not good before we can start wrestling with a needed change.

So, let’s get real.

What’s just ONE HABIT that you know you need to change?

When will you make the change?

What might stop you (again) from making the change?

Who will you tell, so they can hold you accountable? (Private allows you to perpetually fail and no one knows.)

Is your new habits a start or stop habit?

Baby steps…progress is progress regardless.

Let’s do this…


When’s the last time you had a meaningful conversation with someone significant in your life?

I’m not talking about a conversation that had to take place because one, or both, of you were upset. We all have conversations them from time to time.

I’m talking about a proactive, incredibly positive conversation that left you both better than you were before. It could be with your spouse, a child a best friend or even a complete stranger.

One of the goals I’ve been working on is having more of these type of conversations with the people who matter most in my life.

As a matter of fact, I’ve set my intent to have AT LEAST ONE PER DAY. What I mean is that I have made a deliberate choice daily to minimize all distractions and give someone 100% of my focus while we talk.

You may say that that’s not a big deal. I would argue otherwise. Here’s why. Most of us have less-than-meaningful conversations while we are multitasking or doing something else at the same time. Right?

So, the goal has 2 parts.

1st, ask real questions and give real answers when in dialog. Actively listen to the verbal and non-verbal communication.

2nd, go past the typical shallow topics and talk about the stuff that really matters in life.

Sounds easy right? Try it.

EVERYDAY pick someone in your life and have a meaningful conversation with them.

Make it a goal to talk no less than 15 minutes.

Start with someone close to you. You don’t have to let them in on your new goal. Just watch and see what happens when you start having these talks.

Stay strong.


One Seems So Insignificant

An old song says “one is the loneliest number.” Truly, in almost all things in life, one isn’t much. One is the start towards two or more.

It’s easy to almost ignore one. One is right next to zero.

Even when it comes to time, whether it’s: one minute, one hour, one day, one week, they’re all asking for more. Right? That’s certainly how I see it and think. Until…

Admit it, it’s easy to overlook a seemingly insignificant increment of time.

However, 10,000 days has changed that for me.

Each morning I think about the day ahead. My one day. The only one I have. I think through my intent and goals. I also think about the people in my life and what I need to be aware of with them. In other words, I try to think about what I have to get done and those who matter most in my life.

Then, each evening, when it’s time to move a penny (the symbol of 1 of my 10,000 days), I reflect on how I did that day. It has quickly become second nature to reflect and ask if today mattered. Did I live it like I should have? Did I make a difference? Did I matter? Did I invest quality time with someone in my life? Did I put the phone away when I was talking? Did I major in the majors? Etc.

And when I move that ONE penny, it feels very significant. Whether I had an on-purpose day or whether I squandered it. One feels very significant.

I encourage you to take advantage of each ONE DAY you get.

They add up over time and you find that each one of them mattered greatly.

Don’t waste ONE DAY on low living.

What’s a Day Worth?

What’s a day worth?

To those of us who seemingly have an unlimited number of days, we can easily ignore the question. However, to the person who has been given a, “you have x number of days to live”, each and every day can’t have a price tag placed on it. Right?

10,000 days is my effort to not take any day for granted and to live each and every day with a certain purpose.

Since I’ve not been here a few days, let’s catch up.

First, the only reason I’ve not written since January 1st is that it literally took us numerous trips to a store and 3 separate purchases to find containers that would hold 10,000 pennies. I didn’t want to write until I had that solved.

Second, my goal is to (1) set my intention each and every day in the morning. I want to honestly take a moment and set the days agenda and intent. I plan on identifying a primary purpose daily.

Third, each evening (or night) I will move a penny from the “10,000 jar” to the empty jar. Since I started this on January 1st, the empty jar has 6 pennies in it now. Ideally, if I get all 10,000 of my allotted days, the 10,000 pennies jar will empty and the empty jar will end up with 10,000 pennies.

I plan on reflecting each evening with what I did, or didn’t, do with my day. I hope to be honest in my reflections.

I can already tell you that my number one flaw is wasted time.

When you seriously, and honestly, count each day, hours matter. So do minutes. I’ve identified how much time I simply waste. Some of the wasted time is spent on bullcrap (social media for example). Some of my time is wasted on being “busy” doing absolutely nothing meaningful. Some of my time has been wasted being lazy.

I seriously think I make better use of my time today (January 6th) then I did only a few days ago. I am that serious about getting this right.

I want to live each day in ways that when I reflect I can identify a couple, or few, “this really mattered” activities. Whether it was for me or others I feel the intentionality building already.

I am stoked and ready to live the next 9,995 days full of life.

Thanks for following.

Same OLD Same OLD

It’s January 1st of a brand new year. 365 days untainted from the past. Right?

Well sort of.

The challenge is we bring same old us into the beautiful untarnished new year. Same thinking. Same struggles. Same habits. Same everything.

But, one thing that is different is that we BELIEVE in the newness. We HOPE in the new beginning. And rightly so. We should.

Here’s what we have to do to really have new.

STOP something that is robbing you from the new. Don’t pick 20 things and expect to overhaul your entire life today. It’s not going to happen and you’ll get frustrated and bail the entire NEW YOU project before it gets traction.

Also, PICK a NEW START Goal too. Just One.

Just pick a thing to STOP and a thing to START.

Stop now and pick those 2 things. 1 STOP. 1 START.

THEN remember this.

You don’t manage goals. You manage DECISIONS. Literally nanoseconds are what you manage. It’s in those nanoseconds where the new you takes on new life and the old you begins to fade away.

When you feel the OLD you wanting to do the OLD thing…you manage that moment. That nanosecond and choose the NEW. And you do so over and over until a new HABIT is formed.

You manage emotions and feelings. You manage the inner voice. The real battle is won within before it shows up in life.

Then YOU do it again and again and again. Over and over.

When you fall short you recommit.

When you fall short evaluate and identify what happened? What needs to change in order for you to win more? Adjust and go again.

That’s how a NEW you will come to life this year and how an OLD you will die.

If you go by feelings alone, you won’t win this one.

If you don’t manage the nanoseconds within, you won’t win this one.

However, if you take it day by day and manage the moments…

You’ll have an incredible year!

2019 is going to be EPIC!