Being Intentional Is Not Easy

One of the goals with 10,000 Days is to live with intentionality on a daily basis.

Here’s the strategy – determine EVERY morning to live a significant day AND reflect EVERY night on how well I did.

I’ll tell you right now that living intentionally every day isn’t an easy thing.

More specifically, I find it’s difficult to find where I lived beyond myself on some days. Whether it’s that I’m tired, or that I missed opportunities to connect, or that I wasted time on meaningless “stuff”…it’s TOO easy to waste moments in a day.

When that happens, it’s seems like a day came and went and nothing meaningful really happened.

I want to do better at:

Managing the moments when they happen…

Saying yes to others and no more to myself when given to chance to connect in some fashion…

Recognizing old habits that are absolutely giving me ZERO value in life…

Put down distractions and connect better…

Realize that sitting in a room doesn’t mean that you are connected to those in the room… (TV is such a waste)

Take advantage of the one-off moments throughout the day…

And more.

What about you?

If you take serious inventory of your daily intentions – how strategic and intentional are you really living?

Could you do a better job connecting with those who matter most?

Could you say no to yourself more and yes to others more?

Pay attention to the moments… that’s where the chance for improvement most likely is to be found.

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