If not now – when?

One of our greatest (BAD) habits is putting things off until. Whether we put “it” off until a better time, a better place, a better mood…whatever your go to is, we put things off too easily.

Admit it, change is hard. It’s not easy to make changes. Plus, as negative as it might be, regardless of the area we need to change in, we find a certain comfort in the known versus what might happen in the unknown area of change.

Science says that we are more likely to hold onto negative behavior because we know the results from it than we are to make a needed change where we might not know what will happen. Crazy, right? Right.

So what happens is that we can perpetuate negative behavior for much longer than we should. It seems a bit counterintuitive to even say “much longer than we should.” But, I guess we have to have a habit long enough to know it’s not good before we can start wrestling with a needed change.

So, let’s get real.

What’s just ONE HABIT that you know you need to change?

When will you make the change?

What might stop you (again) from making the change?

Who will you tell, so they can hold you accountable? (Private allows you to perpetually fail and no one knows.)

Is your new habits a start or stop habit?

Baby steps…progress is progress regardless.

Let’s do this…

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