Last Day…

The last day of a year always causes me to pause and reflect.

However, as time goes on, my reflection and lessons from it have become more intentional.

Today is no exception.

I went through my entire 2018 calendar. Every meeting, whether personal or professional was looked at. I keep a very meticulous calendar and every appointment on it was looked at.

The goal was to identify where I felt my time had been invested or had a good return and to also identify where I felt my time was wasted. I identified people who were fun to hang out with… people who made it easy to be there friend… people who were going somewhere… people who I shared common interests with… and a few more insights. From those insights, I made notes of how to make better use of my time in 2019; where to invest it more and where to not waste it.

I also went through all of my 2019 goals (again). This time was the point of no return though.

I went through each one to make sure they were relevant and that each of them had obvious action plans with them. I also made sure that if each of them were my 2019 goals, that I was 100% committed to make them happen. I want to make sure that I am fully vested in each of them so that come tomorrow, I can go all in and not look back.

My goal writing process is very comprehensive. Therefore, my goals are equally comprehensive.

It’s important for me to know that IF I get another year to live, that I will not squander it to low level living.

So, I am ready for 2019.

It looks to be one of the greatest years I’ve ever had.

What about you?

How do you go into a new year?

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