One Seems So Insignificant

An old song says “one is the loneliest number.” Truly, in almost all things in life, one isn’t much. One is the start towards two or more.

It’s easy to almost ignore one. One is right next to zero.

Even when it comes to time, whether it’s: one minute, one hour, one day, one week, they’re all asking for more. Right? That’s certainly how I see it and think. Until…

Admit it, it’s easy to overlook a seemingly insignificant increment of time.

However, 10,000 days has changed that for me.

Each morning I think about the day ahead. My one day. The only one I have. I think through my intent and goals. I also think about the people in my life and what I need to be aware of with them. In other words, I try to think about what I have to get done and those who matter most in my life.

Then, each evening, when it’s time to move a penny (the symbol of 1 of my 10,000 days), I reflect on how I did that day. It has quickly become second nature to reflect and ask if today mattered. Did I live it like I should have? Did I make a difference? Did I matter? Did I invest quality time with someone in my life? Did I put the phone away when I was talking? Did I major in the majors? Etc.

And when I move that ONE penny, it feels very significant. Whether I had an on-purpose day or whether I squandered it. One feels very significant.

I encourage you to take advantage of each ONE DAY you get.

They add up over time and you find that each one of them mattered greatly.

Don’t waste ONE DAY on low living.

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