Same OLD Same OLD

It’s January 1st of a brand new year. 365 days untainted from the past. Right?

Well sort of.

The challenge is we bring same old us into the beautiful untarnished new year. Same thinking. Same struggles. Same habits. Same everything.

But, one thing that is different is that we BELIEVE in the newness. We HOPE in the new beginning. And rightly so. We should.

Here’s what we have to do to really have new.

STOP something that is robbing you from the new. Don’t pick 20 things and expect to overhaul your entire life today. It’s not going to happen and you’ll get frustrated and bail the entire NEW YOU project before it gets traction.

Also, PICK a NEW START Goal too. Just One.

Just pick a thing to STOP and a thing to START.

Stop now and pick those 2 things. 1 STOP. 1 START.

THEN remember this.

You don’t manage goals. You manage DECISIONS. Literally nanoseconds are what you manage. It’s in those nanoseconds where the new you takes on new life and the old you begins to fade away.

When you feel the OLD you wanting to do the OLD thing…you manage that moment. That nanosecond and choose the NEW. And you do so over and over until a new HABIT is formed.

You manage emotions and feelings. You manage the inner voice. The real battle is won within before it shows up in life.

Then YOU do it again and again and again. Over and over.

When you fall short you recommit.

When you fall short evaluate and identify what happened? What needs to change in order for you to win more? Adjust and go again.

That’s how a NEW you will come to life this year and how an OLD you will die.

If you go by feelings alone, you won’t win this one.

If you don’t manage the nanoseconds within, you won’t win this one.

However, if you take it day by day and manage the moments…

You’ll have an incredible year!

2019 is going to be EPIC!

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