Time Keeps Slipping…

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An old rock song says, “time keeps slipping into the future.”

As I’ve gotten further into life (IE older) I’ve become more aware of my time on planet Earth and I’ve also become more intentional with my time as well.

I’ve realized how quickly time truly is slipping away.

They say time is the greatest commodity we have. I believe it. Like any commodity, we can we can waste time, spend it or invest it. However, unlike other commodities we can’t find time or save it.

So, our goal in life, hopefully sooner than later, is to learn how to make good use of our time. It sounds so easy, yet, it seems so difficult to get right. Especially on a consistent basis.

Like a good diet plan, we can declare that we are never going to waste time again, only to find time slipping into being used for stuff that has little to no return on investment at all.

I’ll be writing more and more about my time, and your time, on the third rock from the sun.

Let’s start with this:

Do a time audit. It may sound like overkill, or unnecessary, but do it for grins and giggles anyway.

Take a look at your day from waking to going to bed in 15 minute increments.

Here’s why: I’ve found that I tend to waste, lose time in smaller increments than I do in larger. If you asked me to waste an hour, or two, on some meaningless garbage, I’d refuse. However, let me grab 15 minutes of social media wandering, watch a TV show and spend a few minutes “waiting” on somebody or something and there you have it. A couple hours gone. Forever.

So, let’s start there.

When you wake up tomorrow, start taking notes.

See what happens.

Let’s see how much time slips into the future without having been invested in anything, or anyone, meaningful.

10,000 Days

I’m 55. I recently read that the average lifespan in America is 30,000 days. Or, roughly 82 years and a few days.

With that said, assuming that 30,000 is my lot, I have approximately 10,000 days left on planet earth.

10,000 days left as a man, a husband, a father, a friend, a business owner, a Christ-follower, a human being. 

My horizon has my attention. I plan on facing each of the 10,000 days – one day at a time.

I’ll rise with purpose, intent and strategy on a daily basis.

I’ll reflect each evening on how well I did that day.

I’ll record my thoughts on a regular basis here.

Rock on.