What is 10,000 Days about?

10,000 days was born from a couple sources.

One came from something I read about the average lifespan in the US being 30,000 days. 30,000 days is just over 82 years.

I’m 55 (born in 1963) and when I read that I immediately did the math. In theory, I have almost exactly 10,000 days to live.

Out of those two thoughts, 10,000 days was born.

For Christmas all I asked for was 10,000 pennies. They are meant to be an icon of sorts to represent how I am investing each of my 10,000 days. I am keeping them in a box and I’ll move them from that box to another. One penny a day.

Each morning, I’ll “move a penny” and give serious intent to what I’ll do with that day. Whether it’s as a man, husband, father, granddad (AKA Dapa G), professional or other area of life…I hope to be on point on a very regular basis.

Each evening, I’ll reflect on how well I did.

What did I do well and what did I waste time on.

The goal is to keep raising my “living intentionally” score over time.

10,000 days will be the place that I write about both my ups and downs…my successes and losses…etc.

The goal is to not only inspire myself with the blog and pennies, but to also inspire you as well.

Stay tuned and join in. Also, I’d love for you to share this with others so they too can become more intentional with their life. Day by day. Penny by penny.

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