What’s a Day Worth?

What’s a day worth?

To those of us who seemingly have an unlimited number of days, we can easily ignore the question. However, to the person who has been given a, “you have x number of days to live”, each and every day can’t have a price tag placed on it. Right?

10,000 days is my effort to not take any day for granted and to live each and every day with a certain purpose.

Since I’ve not been here a few days, let’s catch up.

First, the only reason I’ve not written since January 1st is that it literally took us numerous trips to a store and 3 separate purchases to find containers that would hold 10,000 pennies. I didn’t want to write until I had that solved.

Second, my goal is to (1) set my intention each and every day in the morning. I want to honestly take a moment and set the days agenda and intent. I plan on identifying a primary purpose daily.

Third, each evening (or night) I will move a penny from the “10,000 jar” to the empty jar. Since I started this on January 1st, the empty jar has 6 pennies in it now. Ideally, if I get all 10,000 of my allotted days, the 10,000 pennies jar will empty and the empty jar will end up with 10,000 pennies.

I plan on reflecting each evening with what I did, or didn’t, do with my day. I hope to be honest in my reflections.

I can already tell you that my number one flaw is wasted time.

When you seriously, and honestly, count each day, hours matter. So do minutes. I’ve identified how much time I simply waste. Some of the wasted time is spent on bullcrap (social media for example). Some of my time is wasted on being “busy” doing absolutely nothing meaningful. Some of my time has been wasted being lazy.

I seriously think I make better use of my time today (January 6th) then I did only a few days ago. I am that serious about getting this right.

I want to live each day in ways that when I reflect I can identify a couple, or few, “this really mattered” activities. Whether it was for me or others I feel the intentionality building already.

I am stoked and ready to live the next 9,995 days full of life.

Thanks for following.

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