Caution: This Coaching Experience Will Have a Profound Impact on Your Life!


Married men have a lot of challenges in their lives. They are often torn between family and work, which can lead to frustration and resentment.


We all want the best for our families, but we don't always know how to get there. It's hard to find time for personal growth or couple's counseling sessions with your wife.


The 99 Day Coaching Experience is designed specifically for married men who feel stuck in life and/or marriage and need help getting unstuck. The 99 Day Coaching Experience will walk you through intensive training that will help you overcome personal struggles, relationship struggles at home, reconnect with your wife and build an awesome legacy together!


FC gave me the knowledge to create a plan to improve the relationships that matter most.

Also, it has given me the courage to put the plan into action.


This will forever better my life and the ones closest to me.

I knew my relationships with my wife and kids needed to grow. Now, I have the plan and steps necessary to make it happen.


A truly life-changing experience.

I discovered how to assess all areas of my life and chart a path to a renewed approach to happiness.                                          

The 99 Day Fight Club Coaching Experience


You'll Learn:


  • A Powerful, Predictable & Guided Coaching Experience that Helps You Win the Battle for Your Life, Wife & Legacy!




  • Understand Exactly What's Going on in All Areas of Life

  • Get Crystal Clear on Your Greatest Wants in All Areas of Life

  • ID & Overcome Mental Roadblocks Holding You Back

  • Win Your Wife's Heart & Rebuild Your Marriage

  • Confidently Create a Specific Plan for Your Future

  • Leave a Legacy You're Proud of

  • Gain  the Courage Required to Create the Future Your Desire

  • Sleep Better

  • Get Your Confidence Back

  • Be Proud of the Man in the Mirror

  • And more...

"I highly recommend Fight Club to any man battling something that's holding you back from being your best self. Make the decision. You won't regret it. It will change your life for the better!"

About the modules:


Personal Modules:


  • What's Your Story?

You are a product of everything you've been through. The good and the bad. Some of those experiences have had a greater impact on you than others. It's imperative that you understand those impacts and know exactly how to overcome those that continue to hinder your potential.

  • Where are You?

It sounds simple right? However, most men don't really know the answer to this question. And, when you take a comprehensive look at the question, this becomes foundational to designing your personal plan to get to where you really want to be - in all areas of life. 

  • Where are You Going?

Have you ever written your vision down? This module will help you get crystal clear on your dreams and vision. IE - your preferred future. As the saying goes, "if you don't know where you're going, then it doesn't matter which road you're on". You will fix that once and for all when you go deep within and truly identify your dreams - in all areas of life. This exercise alone will cause you to live differently from now on. 

  • How Do You Get There?

This is your GPS to your future. Call it a strategic plan, you'll write your life plan in detail and know exactly what you need to do, or not do, to get to your desired future. You'll know what changes to make and how to start making your future a reality! How exciting is that?

  • What's in the Way?

Be honest, if you could've got to your desired future, you'd be there already. However, there are reasons that's not happened - yet. You will identify thoughts and other "saboteurs" that keep getting in your way. This step will help you get clear on why you keep messing things up and what you need to do to overcome your greatest internal battles - once and for all.


Marriage Modules:

  • Marriage Assessment

This assessment (which can be taken by your wife too) gives you a crystal clear idea of where your marriage is in all areas. Trust me, you've never done an assessment like this! It's a powerful place to know what to focus your energies on in rebuilding your marriage. 

  • 3 Loves Required for an Awesome Marriage

These are the 3 areas we used to rebuild our marriage from a 1% chance of making it to the best our marriage has ever been. We still use this as the guide to keeping our marriage awesome. You will too!

  • Forgiveness & Overcoming the Past

It takes specific steps to overcome a hurtful past. It's not only about forgiving. This is about recovering what's been lost too. You will gain incredible confidence in your marriage from these exercises. 

  • How to Rebuild Trust

Trust is fragile. Yet, without rebuilding it, your marriage will struggle forever. This module will guide you to the exact process of rebuilding trust. It will also help you know what not to do as well. This outlines the same process I used to rebuild trust with my wife 12 years ago. NOTE - this module is an entire course (videos and guides) on its own.

  • Connection Talks - How to Reconnect

We learned the power of connection talks over a decade ago and still practice them on a regular basis. You'll learn topics, questions, and other talking points to deepen the relationship between you and your wife. This includes how to have these talks AND a month's worth of conversations to have!

  • Scriptural Insights for Your Marriage

Once you learn the insights from Adam and Eve, you'll have a greater understanding of how to have a powerful and intimate connection with your wife. You'll LOVE this study.

  • AND Much More

Legacy Modules

  • What will you be Remembered For?

  • Live with the End in Mind


This Coaching Experience 

will change the trajectory of your LIFE, MARRIAGE & LEGACY!


If you've been wanting to change but didn't know what to change or how then this is what you've been looking for!!!!


The 99 Day Fight Club Coaching Experience will help you build overcome your personal and marital battles once and for all.


Don't miss YOUR Opportunity. 


What would you say to men considering FC? "FC peels back the walls, distractions, and myths that interfere with making the most out of life...FC provides a connection with a network of like-minded and supportive men.


I haven’t had a more productive experience in my lifetime!!!! FC is beyond worth the investment.

The biggest challenge I solved was putting a plan in place to prioritize my efforts. It is more clear now, what has to happen and in what order. While nothing will be solved overnight, I continue to gain clarity over what matters most in my life and I have a plan to address and impact those areas now.


I arrived with little direction and I left with a specific plan for personal development.

The biggest challenge I solved was the HOW. Knowing my problem was easy. However, knowing how to solve it was the hard part. Bob helped me find my how.

Don't try to take the same you into a new future. 


Do something to kickstart a brand new you... something to put an end to old habits... something you'll be proud of... something that makes you better personally and relationally.


Do the 99 Day Fight Club Coaching Experience and Become the Man & Husband You Want to Be!

Your Life

Win Your Personal Battles Once & For all

Your Wife

Win the Battle for Your Wife's Heart & Marriage


Leave a Legacy You're Proud of

Win the Battles that Matter the Very Most in Life...the Battle for your Life, Wife & Legacy!

Choose your investment...(and comfort level)

Want to go through the material on your own?

Some men like to be a little more private and like to do the work on their own. Every module has worksheets and videos that guide you through all the material.


Would you like to go 1:1 through it with Bob?

Some men want to have their exclusive and private coaching time. This choice is for the men who like the go deeper and want to feel free to open up to talk about and deal with "their stuff". 


If you want to focus solely on yourself and overcome your greatest personal battles, you can experience the signature coaching program that started it all! The 5 modules that many men have gone through and radically changed their lives!

Regardless of your choice, the outcome will be amazing!


LIFETIME Access to the Modules and all upgrades too!


AND, because I know how powerful this coaching experience is... there's a 100% ironclad no question asked money-back promise. If you go through this and do the work and decide you gained nothing from it - let me know and I'll return 100% of your money! I'm willing to take all the don't let fear stop you!

99 Days On Your Own


Investment Includes

  • 99 Days Coaching Curriculum
  • Lifetime Access to Curriculum
  • All Modules have Video Guides to Work Through the Material




Coaching 1:1 with Bob

Must Call

Investment Includes

  • 99 Days Coaching Curriculum
  • Lifetime Access to Curriculum
  • All Modules have Video Guides to Work Through the Material
  • Personal 1:1 weekly coaching calls.
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The Champion's Way - 5 Steps to Overcoming Your Personal Battles - Signature Program


There's a revolution happening in the world of self-improvement and it has nothing to do with diet or exercise. It is about your mindset! If you are ready for this kind of change, then this coaching course will help you get clear on where you are now, what future outcomes seem most attractive to you (your vision), and how to make that happen.

This isn't just going over some new ideas; we'll dig deep into YOUR current thoughts so that when our work together ends, YOU have all the tools needed to move forward confidently.

This coaching course gives 100% attention towards personal growth and development by helping clarify where you would like your life goals set from here on out as well as providing necessary steps in order to reach them.

Modules Include: (see description above)

What's Your Story

Where Are You?

Where Are you Going?

How Do You Get There?

What's in the Way?