For over 3 decades, Bob has had the privilege of guiding and developing people.

I could tell you about the impact he's had on countless lives and marriages, or how he’s mentored 1000's in spiritual maturity. Or, I could tell you about his God-given gift of teaching that makes him such an influential figure. Instead, let me explain what led us here today and why it matters to you.

Because of his love for helping others, he joined one of the top coaching programs in the world. He knew that he had a lot to give, and was determined to help as many people on their journey as possible.

Since then, he has helped countless entrepreneurs grow their businesses and raise capital. He's worked with companies of all shapes and sizes: from small mom-and-pop shops, solopreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations.

As a student of and believer in human potential, Bob has the unique gift for helping leaders and entrepreneurs FIND their real Purpose and Potential as well as identifying sabotaging patterns that are in the way of fulfilling it.

Thousands of people have changed their lives for the better using his time-tested techniques.

People often ask, "What makes Bob different than other mentors and coaches?" The answer is simple: he helps you transform instead of teaching more coping mechanisms. He believes negative behaviors originate from an inward condition that can be transformed. His methods focus on getting to the root behind what's really going on with you so it lasts forever!

You’ll learn to live a free and peaceful life. You'll also have better relationships with your spouse, children, friends, etc., as well as make more money if that's what interests you most about working with him.

"Transformational Coach" isn't just a title for Bob Groves, it's a mission statement.

I've worked with Bob one-on-one, in a small group mastermind, and in larger group events, and can recommend his work without hesitation.

He zeroes in on the core of whatever you bring to the table and draws out solutions that are as simple as they are sophisticated.

The results of my work with him include dramatically improved clarity, movement in areas I was previously stuck in, and increased income and opportunity due to his coaching and accountability.

Clients include:

  •  Canon (all 3 locations including Albuquerque)
  •  Madison Jewelers
  •  Stilwell & Associates
  •  Macsons Inc.
  •  Auntie Anne's
  •  iFLY VB
  •  NATO - (Offsite event)
  •  Tidewater Finance
  •  VAPPA Board (offsite event)
  •  Tidewater Mortgage
  •  Chesapeake Homes
  •  Integrate Health Services
  •  Urology of VA
  •  Eden Counseling
  •  Hilton Family Law (of San Francisco)
  •  Government Departments (several)
  •  Tidewater Tech
  •  Reach Prosthetics
  •  Middleberg Police Department
  •  Virginia Wesleyan Softball Team
  •  Norfolk State Softball Team
  •  ODU Field Hockey Team
  •  Missouri Softball Staff & Team
  •  Calvary Revival Church
  •  Numerous 1:1 business owner clients
  •  and more

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