Strengthen Your Team. Win More. Lose Less.

A team is built to win. Yet, regardless of their talent, without a strong foundation, teams collapse under pressure.

This 2-Day Team Experience will strengthen the foundation and bonds of your team. 

If you're looking for an experience to help your team win more and lose less, this is it. Regardless of the sport, it's important to have strong bonds with everyone on the team.

For that to happen, though, we need trust, which can be difficult when so many different people work together towards one goal. That’s why having an event like this where the team gets some time away to build better relationships and learn effective ways they can all become better teammates...so they're ready for the moments that typically defeat them.

"A special day spent with Bob. Thanks for creating a platform for us to share. Can’t wait to learn and grow tomorrow. - Coach Larissa (University Missouri Softball) 

Meet Bob

Bob is a successful Business and Life Coach, Consultant, and Keynote Speaker.

Behind the scenes, he first worked with the Virginia Wesleyan Softball team and staff.  His first year working with the team, they won their first National Championship. Now, 3 National Championships in 4 years later, he's recognized how powerful this team-building experience is and has made it a focus of his.

He will guide you, your staff, and your team through a powerful team-building experience that will elevate your team and expedite their growth in amazing ways.

Coaching Staff

The best coaching staffs are working together for the same goal.

Coaching is hard work, and it's even harder when your staff and/or team aren't on the same page. You, your staff, and players need to be in sync with each other if they want to succeed at the highest level.

We help you create a culture of trust and collaboration where everyone feels heard and contributes their very best. Our exercises eliminate the barriers that get in the way of you, your staff, and your team reaching its full potential.

Team Experience

Most of the time, we don't realize how important trust is until it's too late.

Trust is a key ingredient to high-performing teams. But most of us don't build trust on purpose and usually only notice its absence after it's too late in the season to work on.

A great way to start building trust with your team is with our 2-Day Staff & Team experience.

We created a powerful and predictable experience where you and your team feel comfortable opening up without fear of judgment. The outcomes, personally and as a team, are nothing short of amazing. 

"I’ve been fortunate to work with Bob for my own personal growth, but to watch him interact and grow our team was something truly special! Grateful for him being here, but so proud of this group for buying in to this program! - Coach Sara (University Missouri Softball) 

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