You Can Have a Great Marriage!
Written by Bob Groves 
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I’ve been married over 33 years and it wasn’t until the last 10 that I learned how to be a great husband.

Now, I/we have the best marriage we’ve ever had.

However, prior to that, I was better at other things in life than I was as a husband. 

My wife, Shawn, was known more as “Bob’s wife” than she was known for who she was. 

I had major success in life. I was leading an organization that grew into the top % of the country.

I was popular. I was a very public figure and “knew everyone” or “everyone knew me”.

I was great at what I was doing.

However, I wasn’t great at doing marriage. 

Obviously to be/stay married for 33+ years, we were doing something right. Right?

However, I think that’s also part of the problem.

Being, or staying, married is actually the lowest bar you can have in marriage. Admit it, you know too many couples who are married and aren’t enjoying each other at all.

So, we were married for over 20 years before I learned to be a great husband and to have a great marriage.

What changed? 

It took a train wreck in our marriage to get my attention.


I learned to communicate honestly and openly AND to listen in the same way too. 

I learned to give AND accept love without filters.

I learned to make my wife number one instead of my career or other “things”. 

I learned to put more energy into having a great marriage instead of simply wishing it was great.

I learned how to build a great marriage together. It takes a lot of work to have a great marriage. 

I learned that I needed someone to help me/us get there. 

I learned to not let things get so far off course before we dealt with them.

I learned the different areas of love that needed our attention and we grew each area intentionally.

I learned to love hard and laugh loudly with my wife. 

I put away prejudice and judgment in our marriage. 

I learned to work for what I wanted in my marriage instead of griping that I didn’t have it.

I learned that my wife was exactly what I wished for and got past all the bs in my brain that said otherwise. 


We have an incredible marriage and work to keep it that way.

If you’re more successful professionally than you are personally/maritally, let’s talk.

I’ve been there and I can help you have the life and marriage you’re really wanting. 

Bob Groves

I help men overcome secret struggles and live greater lives.
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